Are LENRs stuck in a status trap?

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions have been, for a long time, the archetypal crackpot technology. Huge promises. Failed replication attempts. Dismissal by the academic community. Accusations of handwavey pseudoscience. Advocates generally having low status. Associations with conspiracy theorists. Anyone associated with it or even expressing anything less than absolute certainty that it’s an unscientific non-starter is risking not just a reputation… Continue reading Are LENRs stuck in a status trap?

Hello, World!

I’m an autodidact who’s had an unusual amount of free time over the past decade and is currently trying to understand everything which may be important to the future of sentient life. Unsurprisingly, there’s much more than even I have spare time/brainspace to absorb, but it’s a fun journey and has brought me into contact with many interesting people, projects,… Continue reading Hello, World!