Hello, World!

I’m an autodidact who’s had an unusual amount of free time over the past decade and is currently trying to understand everything which may be important to the future of sentient life. Unsurprisingly, there’s much more than even I have spare time/brainspace to absorb, but it’s a fun journey and has brought me into contact with many interesting people, projects, and movements.

This blog is meant as a place I can dump concepts, links, and half-baked ideas, both for personal reference and so it’s easier to bring people up to speed on topics I’d like to have conversations about.

I’ve written up a partial list of my interests on the about page.

For those not familiar with LessWrong terminology, this blog’s name is a play on curiosity stopper

[…] a meaningless generic explanation that creates an illusion of giving an answer, without actually explaining anything. Semantic stopsigns destroy curiosity, giving surrogate answers and stopping the search for truth prematurely.


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